Saturday, November 24, 2018

Joining Mount Wichita Summit Throngs After Late Night Washington Apple Cup Blizzard

With what seems like the return of spring, or even summer, what with the outer world being heated into the high 70s, I joined throngs of Wichita Fallers thronging today on Mount Wichita on this first Saturday after the 2018 version of Thanksgiving.

I have no idea what the record is for number of Mount Wichita summiteers on any given day, or if such a record is kept by anyone.

But I do know that today I saw more people heading up and down and on this region's tallest mountain than I have ever seen on any previous visit to Mount Wichita.

Winter type temperatures are scheduled to return tomorrow. I am not fond of winter type temperatures returning.

Last night I watched the Apple Cup. That's an annual football game played in Washington between the University of Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars. The Apple Cup location alternates each year. This year it was Pullman's turn, as in Washington State, as in Eastern Washington, where it is colder during the cold time of the year, and hotter during the hot time of the year than is typical of the west side of the Washington mountains.

Methinks probably Washington State might have preferred playing in Seattle this year, so as to have possibly better luck at beating Washington in what turned out to be playing football in a whiteout blizzard, which Washington seemed to handle better than did the Cougars, who one would have thought had more practice playing in such dire conditions.

Nonetheless, it was an entertaining football game. And I don't even like football. Though this year I seem to be watching a lot of that which I don't even like. Tomorrow it's the Seattle Seahawks I will be watching.

If the Seahawks get into the Super Bowl again I have a permanent invitation request in for tickets to attend the legendary Knappson Super Bowl Party...

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