Monday, November 5, 2018

Heavy Wichita Bluff Nature Area Walk With Shrinking Resolve

This morning I returned to the Wichita Bluffs Nature Area section of the Wichita Falls Circle Trail to have my first long walk in about a month.

Unless one counts rolling Miss Daisy around Arizona as walking.

I returned from Arizona with a big new scale of the weighing oneself type.

When I left Texas, heading to Arizona a month ago, my old scale had me thinking I weighed around 190 pounds.

The big new scale has given me more accurate weight feedback, letting me know I weigh no where near 190. Instead add about 20 pounds to that 190.

Finally an explanation why pants which used to fit loose at 190 no longer did so.

That and being crammed inside an airplane had become more uncomfortable. I blamed this on American Airlines stingy seating for being the reason I was not as comfortable as when flying Southwest in 2012.

So, this being well over 200 pounds is not the biggest shock brought by the new scale.

Big Ed, who is bigger than me in the number of inches tall department, thought he weighed around 220, which is what he was told the last time a doctor examined him. Everyone who saw Big Ed in Arizona, who had not seen him in years, remarked regarding how skinny he looked.


Big Ed got on the new scale which revealed the shocking news that Big Ed weighs 195.

15 pounds less than me.

I have become a porky pig without realizing it.

And so, I am now on a mission to shrink to well below 200, so that the next time I cram myself into an airplane seat it feels roomy to me, like was the case way back in 2012.

Anyway, the walk among the Wichita Bluffs was quite pleasant today. Scenic with fall colors. There were more fellow walkers than I had previously experienced at this location. And one roller blader.

Maybe I should look into getting myself roller blades....

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