Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Chilly Ride To Wichita Falls Fantasy Of Lights Rock

What with Halloween being a week in the past, and the latest election over and done with, I can finally focus attention on my favorite time of the year.

The Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away, followed soon thereafter by Christmas, and then the Happy New Year.

Today I rolled my bike's wheels on the Circle Trail, heading north, eventually reaching the Midwestern State University campus where I saw progress happening with the installation of the Fantasy of Lights, including the new installation you see above, which was not available for viewing last year.

I thought, looking at this, that it must be a fake rock made of Styrofoam, or some such material. But, I whacked the rock to find it to be a solid piece of something. Limestone? I have no idea. But it definitely was a rock of some sort.

There was also a new installation near Santa's Outhouse. I only glanced at it as I rolled by, but it appeared to be a large tombstone for either Scrooge or Mallory. I will photo document this the next time I am in the area.

I am having some trouble adjusting to roller coaster temperatures. When I left Texas in early October I was still in the wearing short pants mode time of the year. Those short pants became problematic a day later in Show Low, Arizona, where the temperature had dropped enough to allow snow to accumulate.

And then descending into the Valley of the Sun short pants were back again the right thing to be wearing. Three weeks of swimming followed. And then back in Texas I went from needing A/C to turning on my furnace to heat up the place.

But, then, yesterday it was back to short pants in Texas, with temps in the 80s. But now, today, back  in BRRRR mode. Sweatpants and multi-layers to make for a warm bike ride.

And now I just learned freezing is in the immediate future at my north Texas location, with a predicted Friday high of only 53 with a low of 30.

I have already located my long underwear, and so am totally prepared for this frigid nightmare...

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