Friday, November 16, 2018

Safely Passing Wichita Falls Rickety Wooden Circle Trail Guard Rails

A couple days ago I made mention of a Small Minded Hobgoblin Hiking Wichita Bluff Nature Area Circle Trail in which I mentioned the fact that the guard rails which guard against an unwanted Circle Trail exit are of extremely inconsistent quality.

Among the guard rails mentioned were the most decrepit of the Wichita Falls Circle Trail guard rails, that being the ramshackle wooden guard rails which guard the Circle Trail as it passes under Midwestern Boulevard.

The photo documentation fails to document it, but at its most treacherous point, that being where the Circle Trail is under Midwestern Boulevard, a section of the wooden guard rail is totally missing, leaving Circle Trailers vulnerable to an unwanted exit down a steep cement slope to a drenching in Holliday Creek.

Or a possible drowning during those rare periods when Holliday Creek is in flood mode.

Yesterday and today makes for two days in a row where a bike ride was doable without need of excessive outer wear being needed in order to keep warm.

Such is one of the many things I like about weather in Texas. You can be in a deep freeze one day and a day later wonder if comfort requires switching the climate control back to A/C mode...

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