Tuesday, November 6, 2018

RSVP My Beto Victory Party Tonight

Henry F.'s favorite uncle, my favorite nephew Jason, also known as Spencer J.'s dad, texted me this afternoon asking that which you see here.

Even if Texas continues its streak of Zero Days without being a National Embarrassment by re-electing Creepy Cruz, who the Houston Chronicle characterized as having a repellent personality, Beto O'Rourke still wins, because his race to return sanity to Texas has made him a national, and international figure.

If Beto does defeat Cruz there will be celebrating tonight in Texas, and across America.

The deplorable sorts who don't get why most Americans, and probably most Texans, are repelled by Cruz, due to his multiple reptilian attributes, will not be able to comprehend why a Beto win would be a win for all that is good about America.

During the course of this current election I have heard from many people from other states asking about Cruz. None of those I have heard from can comprehend why Texans elected the smarmy Canadian Cuban American Cruz in the first place, and totally do not get why they would re-elect him.

Just the sound of his voice repels many people. Let alone the words that voice utters.

The utter idiocy of some of the Cruz supporters which I see reflected on my Facebook feed is truly troubling. Total cluelessness. How, the deplorables ask, can Texans support someone like Beto, a candidate of the sort failed states like New York and California would support and have supported via contributing to the Beto campaign.

Yes, I have read morons referring to New York and California as failed states. Because, don't you know, oodles of New Yorkers and Californians have escaped their state's failed policies by running to Texas, where they are so stupid they now want to impose, via electing Beto, the same type socialist Venezuelan type government that has ruined New York and California.

I am not making this up. There are actually Texans stupid enough to believe such things. Too ignorant to know the California economy is doing quite well. California schools perform well, unlike Texas schools, which perform at the bottom of the American states. Many of the Californians and New Yorkers, and those from other states who move to Texas, do so because successful businesses in their states are expanding or opening new operations in Texas.

My old home state of Washington also sees a lot of Californians moving there, for the same reason, with Facebook and Google and others opening operations in Washington. Those Californians are not moving to Washington to escape those horrible progressive liberal California ways, what with Washington being even more progressive and liberal than California.

Texas suffers due to the poor education of many of its citizens, with the resulting wanton ignorance being reflected in the nonsense they spout about someone like Beto O'Rourke being just too Blue for Red Texas, with zero awareness that millions of Texans are just as Blue as me. Or Bluer.

I'm hoping for a good outcome tonight. But, I am prepared to be disappointed...

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