Saturday, November 3, 2018

Visiting Santa's Wichita Falls Outhouse Long Before Christmas

When I rolled into town, specifically, Wichita Falls, on Tuesday, soon before the sun set for the day, I was surprised to see the annual Midwestern State University Christmas installations already being installed.

On the day before Halloween.

A few days prior I was surprised, whilst rolling Miss Daisy, to see Christmas trees on display in Arizona. I think this was in Costco, but I don't remember for sure. I do remember they were the artificial version of a Christmas tree, not the authentic real evergreen type Christmas tree.

Today for the first time since early in October I rolled my bike wheels to the MSU campus and parked the bike's handlebars in the location where that aforementioned Christmas installation is in installation mode.

In the photo documentation my handlebars are pointed at what may be Santa's Outhouse. I think, if memory serves, that last year I suggested this may be some sort of Wichita Falls homage to Fort Worth, the town known as the Outhouse Capital of the Modern World.

I suspect that likely is maybe not the case, and that this is simply Santa's Outhouse.

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