Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Is This Photo Documentation Of J.D. Granger's Final Boondoggle Beer Party?

Yesterday we talked about Hotpepper Deep Moat Search For J.D. Granger Junket Shenanigans.

And now today let's talk about some more J.D. Granger shenanigans.

But first I have a sort of embarrassing confession to make.

Somehow, in October, whilst I escaped Texas for a month in Arizona, something went awry with Google emailing me comments made to various posts on my various blogs and websites.

I discovered this lapse yesterday when I saw there were 258 comments awaiting moderation just for this blog you are reading right now. Most of those comments awaiting moderation I delete when I see them in incoming email, due to them being spam, stupid or not hitting the publish button worthy. The comments can show up for something like 11,000 blog posts, spanning something like 12 years. It's a daunting task keeping keeping on top of it.

Anyway, the number one comment maker, named Anonymous, made a comment back in October, which I only managed to get around to publishing yesterday....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fort Worth Weekly Sees Trinity River Vision Sleigh Sleight Of Hand...":

JD Granger & Matt Oliver celebrating Oktoberfest before finding out about the Boondoggle losing its federal funding. The pertinent photos are #68 and #81.

Oktoberfest Fort Worth 2018 at Panther Island Pavilion

The # 68 photo to which Anonymous refers is the one above, which makes the one below # 81.

The loss of Boondoggle funding, which took the smile off J.D. Granger's face, along with the smiles on the faces of his fellow grifters, I did manage to blog about whilst I was in Arizona, most notably in With Federal Funding Cut Will Fort Worth Finally End America's Biggest Boondoggle?

That is the notorious J.D. on the left side of the # 81 photo, mouth open. No clue if the guy reaching towards Granger, with the stein of beer is about to pour beer down J.D.'s gullet in some sort of Octoberfest frat boy type ritual.

I have been told that in addition to losing federal funding J.D. and his fellow grifters in the Granger Gang are nervous about the recent demands for a forensic audit which would look into how many public funds have been spent on things like this Octoberfest beer party.

Such as how much was spent to make the Octoberfest beer hall?

Were public funds used by J.D. and his girl friend/fiance, Shanna Cate, for their multiple trips to Germany to check out how the home country of Octoberfest does their festing?

Inquiring minds, and lawyers, want to know...

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