Thursday, November 8, 2018

Oh No Snow In Wichita Falls

I continue to experience weather discombobulation. This woeful weather woe began in early October when I found myself driving through flash flooding rains, heading towards Arizona, whilst still warm, wearing short pants.

And then the next day, whilst still wearing short pants, I found myself in the cold in snow in Show Low, Arizona.

A few hours after getting snowed I was in the Valley of the Sun where I was relatively hot for three weeks.

And then a little over a week ago I left air conditioning to return to Texas to my home abode where I opened my vehicle's door to quickly learn short pants were once again not appropriate attire.

Soon thereafter I switched on the furnace for the first time in a long time.

And now, with the memory of daily swimming still fresh, I see via this morning's Wichita Falls Times News Record that come Monday the outer world at my location is currently scheduled to be chilled below freezing to 29 Fahrenheit degrees.

With snow.

I do not know if sufficient snow is predicted to fall to open the Mount Wichita ski lift for the season. I suspect not...

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