Saturday, March 31, 2018

No Tarrant County Election Fraud Criminal Charges While Crystal Mason Gets Five Year Sentence

That should say "Crystal Mason of Tarrant County, Texas voted in 2016 without realizing she was disenfranchised due to a felony."

You know, Tarrant, that county in Texas which recently was nationally, well, internationally embarrassed when a judge ordered an uncooperative witness to get zapped into answering questions.

Tarrant County is also the location of an election which triggered the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history. With that investigation triggered by the way out of the norm number of absentee Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election ballots cast for Marty Leonard and  Jim Lane. Somewhere around 10,000 absentee ballots.

Receiving 10,000 votes used to be enough votes to give a candidate the win in a TRWD Board Election.

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Even though this rather obvious Tarrant County election fraud was so obvious even the world's most oblivious person could see it, nothing has been done, no one has been prosecuted, no charges have been filed, nothing has happened.

Well, there was that next TRWD Board Election which saw Mary Kelleher lose with results which seemed as out of whack as was the previous TRWD Board Election. With again, nothing happening of the righting a wrong sort.

But now, a young Tarrant County woman who was on probation after having served time for a felony, who voted in the 2016 election, has been sentenced to five years in prison for voting when the terms of her probation forbid her from doing so.

When Crystal Mason went to vote she was not on the voting rolls, and so she was given a provisional ballot. You know, the type ballot one is given if ones validity as a voter is in question, so you get to vote with that vote only counting once it is determined you were eligible to vote.

Crystal Mason says she was not aware she was not allowed to vote due to her felony. Like Crystal Mason has said in the press, if she knew she could get in trouble and risk being sent back to prison, once again locked away from her daughter, would she have taken such a risk?

Methinks no. Honest mistake on Crystal Mason's part.

And even if Crystal Mason voted fully aware she was not supposed to be doing so, is doing so really a crime of a level warranting five years in prison?

Methinks, absolutely no.

Due to that provisional ballot thing Crystal Mason's vote did not count. No harm done.

Meanwhile, who is doing time for the Tarrant County ballot shenanigans which triggered the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history?

I am hoping sanity prevails and a higher court than a corrupt Tarrant County one overturns Crystal Mason's five year prison sentence...

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