Saturday, March 3, 2018

Looking For Fort Worth Star-Telegram Straight Talk About The Boondoggle's Homage To A Trash Can

This is the third installment in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Straight Talk series about the Panther Island Boondoggle.

Today let's talk about America's Biggest Boondoggle's "Wind Roundabout" Public Art which the locals have taken to calling an Homage to an Aluminum Trash Can.

Via the Trinity River Vision Authority propaganda website, from almost three years ago, on a page titled “Wind Roundabout” Public Art Coming to Panther Island we read the following paragraph...

Work continues on the new piece of public art coming soon to Panther Island. Located in the center of the new roundabout that connects White Settlement and Henderson Street on Panther Island, Ned Kahn’s Wind Roundabout is a 30 foot tall kinetic sculpture that will be visible to motorists entering the roundabout, providing a visual focal point amid the anticipated growth and development of Panther Island.

This Trinity River Vision Authority information was dated May 26th, 2015, like I said, almost three years ago, approximately one year after America's Biggest Boondoggle's ridiculous TNT exploding ceremony marking the start of construction of three simple little bridges being built over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

Below you get a look at the completed Homage to an Aluminum Trash Can, at the center of that roundabout serving as a focal point for that anticipated growth and development on that imaginary island, whose growth and development remains stalled on that imaginary island, three years later.

Here's some straight talk for you, Star-Telegram.

Why was a million bucks spent on this ridiculous piece of public art, spent by a public agency now asking voters to approve a quarter billion buck bond?

Why did the Trinity Vision Authority authorize the spending of money on this installation at the center of this roundabout which is still not fully constructed with the roads in the area not fully repaired and fully functional, years after property was stolen by abusing eminent domain by falsely claiming said property was needed for the public good?

While the public has never been allowed to vote for this ill fated fake flood control and economic scheme, which clearly must be of little actual import, judging by the slow motion multi-decade, ever shifting to the far future, project timeline.

Why was this million dollar monstrosity installed before the roundabout was moving cars? Before the nearby simple little bridge was built over dry land? Why was money spent on this? When the actual project is not sufficiently funded to a level to facilitate actually actualizing the project in a timely fashion such as towns wearing their Big City Pants manage to do with public works projects deemed necessary for the public good?

Why has the Star-Telegram not asked any questions of the sort we have asked? It's not too late, what with the Star-Telegram's newfound appreciation of the concept of straight talk, that being a phrase which is another way of saying "tell the truth".

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