Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Warming Up Biking The Stress Free Wichita Falls Paved Trails

I do not remember if I remembered to mention that I found myself a replacement for the bike which was stolen in broad daylight from its locked carport position, a week before the last iteration of Christmas.

The new bike seems to be a better bike than the stolen bike. It is lighter and rides real smooth and quiet. The stolen bike was nearing the end of its lifespan.

You can tell by my super smiling selfie face how happy the new bike causes me to be.

I suppose I should point out the obvious and make clear that that is my new bike behind me. Further behind me is the new playground type installation in Hamilton Park. This is an extremely futuristic, extremely abstract playground type installation. I have seen kids puzzling as to how to play on this playground type installation.

Wichita Falls is quite modern with things like playground type installations. And having modern restroom facilities in the town's many parks, unlike another Texas town with which I was formerly familiar, where outhouses are the norm, but that's the Fort Worth Way, providing the town's few tourists with a third world experience without need of a passport.

Also, unlike that other Texas town, the town of Wichita Falls has plenty of sidewalks. And paved trails. And paved alleys. Making for stress free wheel rolling without having much vehicular interference.

I am hoping to make my way up to the Pacific Northwest within a reasonable time frame. So that I can go mountain biking with Theo, and Ruby and David if they are up to it. And go mountain hiking with Maxine.

Maxine took me on my first real Cascade Mountain hiking adventure decades ago. Hiking up Mount Baker from the Schreiber's Meadow access point. If I am remembering right, and sometimes I do, I have not hiked up Mount Baker since I did so with Spencer Jack's uncle Joey, way back in the previous century, at some point in the 1990s.

So, I am having to amp up my endorphin inducing aerobic activity in order to get myself in sufficiently good shape to go mountain biking with Theo and mountain hiking with Maxine.

I am hoping today is the last day where the outer world is chilly, with the return of regular warm air from this point forward, until next October, or later...

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