Friday, March 9, 2018

Not Skiing With Spencer Jack In Texas Hiking Camelback Mountain

Yes, I can guess what you are thinking, that being that Spencer Jack and his dad, my favorite nephew, Jason, are visiting Texas and in the photo are riding the transit device which takes one to the summit of Mount Wichita, to have themselves some skiing fun.


You guessed wrong.

Spencer Jack has never been to Texas and refuses to visit the Lone Star State until the state is purged of embarrassments like Ted Cruz, and other embarrassments of similar sort.

Such as not allowing medicinal marijuana.

What you see here is Spencer Jack riding a device called a chairlift, which is used to lift one to an elevation high up a snow covered geographic feature known as a mountain.

Spencer Jack did not disclose to which Washington ski location he had taken his dad, whether it was Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie Summit, Mount Baker or one of the other Washington ski zones. But, I'm guessing it's Stevens, Snoqualmie or Baker, due to those being the closest to Mount Vernon ski areas with chairlifts.

In the second photo documentation documenting Spencer Jack's ski trip I think we can rule out both Mount Baker and Stevens Pass, due to what looks to be a highway overpass in the background.

Then again, a highway overpass may have been added to the Stevens Pass summit zone since I was last at that location.

Spencer Jack and his dad did not make it to Arizona last month whilst I was there, despite multiple incidents indicating such was going to happen.

Spencer Jack's grandpa, my little brother Jake, is currently recovering from getting his back operated on. When that recovery is history I'm planning on returning to Arizona where Spencer Jack's grandpa and I are going to hike to the summit of Camelback Mountain, where there is no chairlift to facilitate easy summit access.

It would make for a mighty fine hike if Spencer Jack and his dad would be in Arizona at that point in time to lead his grandpa and favorite uncle to the top of Camelback, a location to which Spencer Jack's dad has already hiked, supposedly, though no photo documentation has been provided proving such to be the case.

UPDATE: Spencer Jack's spokesperson called to inform us that it was to Stevens Pass he took his dad skiing, and that an overpass has been added to the pass since last I passed by that location.

UPDATE #2: In the newly found text accompanying Spencer Jack's Stevens Pass photos we learn that yesterday Spencer skipped school to go skiing because it was his 11th birthday and skiing with his dad is how he chose to celebrate being two years from turning into a teenager....

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