Friday, March 2, 2018

Dallas Fort Worth In Running For America's Rainiest City Reputation

I saw that which you see here this morning on the front page of the online version of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and thought the headline to be amusing.

On Wednesday I found myself driving west on Randol Mill Road in Fort Worth, slowed to a crawl due to a heavy downpour. Rain fell at varying volume during the entire drive to the DFW zone.

In early February I was talking to a Wichita Falls banker and mentioned I was heading to Arizona the next day. I don't remember why but the subject of rain came up. The banker said his uncle was wanting him to move to Seattle, but the banker was resistant to that idea due to all the rain.

The all the rain remark had me telling the banker that that Seattle rain thing is mostly myth. That it is more the day after day after day of cloudy overcast which can get tiring, along with periods of slow motion rain, often in drizzle mode.

When I was in Arizona we had one day of solid gray no blue sky with rain. I remarked to Miss Daisy that this is being like a winter day in Washington. And that the gray sky totally ruined the usual Arizona color scheme.

Today's article about rain in the Star-Telegram surprised me by also making mention of the Seattle rain reputation being inaccurate...

While February's 11.31 inches of rainfall at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport obliterated the monthly record by almost 4 inches, it also put Seattle to shame. Seattle, long and inaccurately rumored as the nation's rainiest city, measured a mere 2.16 inches in February, according to the National Weather Service. That's only 1.34 inches below normal. Back at DFW, February’s rainfall was off the charts.

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Anonymous said...

When our signature seesaws are finished, we will be the Vancouver of Texas. The trashcan is actually a giant sprinkler to ensure we can maintain our status as soggiest city.