Saturday, March 17, 2018

Wichita Falls St. Patrick's Day Lucy Park Bike Ride With Leprechauns

I thought yesterday, Friday, was St. Patrick's Day, what with there being, I think, some sort of related event last night in the downtown zone of Wichita Falls.

This morning I called my mom to see if she knew she had a new granddaughter-in-law and incoming new great-grandkid. Mom knew about the one, but not the other. I erroneously told mom I thought yesterday was the Irish holiday.

And then later this morning I ventured to downtown Wichita Falls, to the library. At that point in time I saw a section of downtown barricaded with some sort of event seeming to be starting up, with people arriving, most looking predominantly green.

After leaving the library I did not venture to see what this downtown event was, instead I stayed with my plan to head to Lucy Park to pedal to Wichita Falls, that being the fake waterfall Wichita Falls built when the town got tired of tourists asking where the waterfall in Wichita Falls was located.

I was expecting not to see many people at Wichita Falls today. Instead I saw more people at Wichita Falls than I've ever seen previously.

Upon arriving at Wichita Falls I was greeted by loud pulsing music and what appeared to be Irish lasses bouncing about in front of a table set with what appeared to be green jello shots. I pedaled past the bouncing Irish lasses and eventually parked my bike and took the phone photo you see above.

Then I rolled my bike to the center of the Circle Trail bridge which crosses Wichita Falls, at the point where the falls enters the Wichita River. I was barely off my bike when a big green Leprechaun showed up to join the bouncing Irish lasses.

Above you see the aforementioned big green Leprechaun showing up, then soon the big green Leprechaun headed up the trail which takes one up Wichita Falls, leaving the bouncing lasses no longer bouncing, and the lass behind big green goggles staring at me.

The formerly bouncing lasses soon followed the big green Leprechaun up the trail.

And now you see those aforementioned formerly bouncing Irish lasses and the big green Leprechaun posing for photos, one of which you see below.

As you can see via the look at my bike looking at Wichita Falls, my bike is appropriately sufficiently green for St. Patrick's Day.

My St. Patrick's Day Lucy Park bike ride did not last long. Too cold. A cloud cover blocked any warming sun rays from arriving.

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