Saturday, March 24, 2018

Warm Saturday Spring Lake Wichita Wheel Rolling Looking For Saloon Hopping Hotpepper

The first Saturday Spring day of 2018 brought temperatures ranging between 70 and 80 at my location way north of being deep in the heart of Texas.

Meanwhile I have had multiple reports from my old Washington home zone of people waking up this morning to look out their windows to see snow had rendered the landscape white.

With a clear blue sky and semi-balmy temperatures, and no chance of snow, I joined the throngs on the Wichita Falls Circle Trail today, rolling my wheels to Lake Wichita, across the dam, and then around Mount Wichita, which you see hovering above on the west side of the lake.

Today I found myself dodging multiple roller bladers and skateboarders. I do not recollect such previously happening on the Circle Trail. I had sort of figured those two means of fun conveyance had somehow never arrived at this location on the planet.

I have been getting reports Elsie Hotpepper is about to arrive in town. Tonight the Hotpepper is expected to be doing some of her patented saloon hopping, starting with the Iron Horse Saloon in downtown Wichita Falls. If I am understanding correctly libation fortification is needed by Elsie Hotpepper and her entourage prior to seeing some Hicks.

Are the Hicks Hotpepper relatives? I have no idea.

I have tentatively agreed to meet Elsie Hotpepper Sunday morning at a specific bench location located on one of the Wichita Falls urban lakes. Specific conditions have been agreed to for this meeting, including a zero tolerance of selfie photos...

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