Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Theo Sleeps Through Tacoma Heat Wave Whilst Uncle Durango's Head Aches

Tacoma's cutest twins, Ruby and Theo, have been going through another bout of the flu, worse, by some accounts, than their Disneyland related flu bout of late January.

Yesterday I learned Theo's condition had morphed into an ear infection.

This morning, when inquiring about Theo's condition, I asked if Theo had been outside enjoying the record breaking heat wave that was in the news due to heating up Western Washington much more than the March norm.

Theo's mama then texted me the photo of Theo you see here, taken on Sunday, when his mama suggested he go outside for some hoped for sunny salubriousness.

Instead Theo's mama, when checking on him shortly thereafter, found Theo sound asleep. Since this was totally not the active Theo norm, mama Kristin was called, and soon Theo was having some urgent care at mama Kristin's Urgent Care facility, where the ear infection was discovered.

Decades ago, when I was in the Theo age frame, I had bad ear infections which I remember as being terribly painful.

A couple days ago I watched the famous All in the Family episode where Edith was overwhelmed trying to take care of sick Archie, Gloria and the Meathead, so she called Aunt Maude to ask for help, with Maude coming to the rescue, making for one of the funniest episodes of that funny series, an episode so talked about that Maude soon had her own spin off series.

I'm thinking if this ongoing series of Tacoma ailments keeps having David, Theo and Ruby sick, and their parental units worn out, that Uncle Durango might need to come to the rescue.

Yeah, I'm sure that would be a big help.

Escaping Texas would certainly help with Uncle Durango's current unhealthy misery. As in the return of allergy woes. I suffered not a bit whilst in Arizona. And never have any sort of allergy woe when I am in Washington. But here in Texas, the last couple years, tree pollen has been a vexing misery. The latest iteration of such has had me awake since about three this morning, with a headache, now abated.

I have had some blogging fodder I wanted to blog about, but I've just not felt up to it. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that....

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Steve A said...

Right now, it's a BLISTERING 51 degrees in Ocean Shores. It's probably hotter because the rain has let up...