Thursday, March 22, 2018

Biking To See The Elsie Hotpepper Homewood Hotel Saturday Penthouse Location

That is my bike you are looking here, looking at what my bike was looking at about an hour ago.

Location? The Sikes Lake Trail.

What are we looking at? The Hilton Homewood Suites building.

Why are we looking at this?


Earlier today a semi-reliable source informed us that on Saturday the Elsie Hotpepper entourage is expected to be taking up residence in the penthouse of the Homewood Suites, with a view overlooking beautiful Sikes Lake. I do not know if the Homewood Suites penthouse is high enough to afford a view north of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Wichita Falls.

I also do not know why, of the dozens of hotel locations in Wichita Falls, Elsie Hotpepper chose to stay in the one closest to my abode. I do not know how Elsie Hotpepper could possibly know the location of my abode, since that information is classified on a need to know basis.

I am looking forward to trying to see Elsie Hotpepper on Saturday, if I make it back from Oklahoma in time....

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