Friday, March 16, 2018

Windy Ride To A Wichita Falls Urban Lake

I am ready for the end the day after day after day of blustery wind blowing across the prairie buffeting me with its gusty bluster whilst rolling my wheels on a salubrious bout of endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

At least the wind was warm today, so there was that to be happy about. And the allergy activating tree pollen seems to be taking a break, judging by this morning not being viewed through burning, watery eyes for an hour or so upon getting vertical.

When my previous bike was stolen, in addition to the bike being taken, that which was attached to the bike went along with the thief, including the bag in which I carried my phone, camera, keys and other stuff.

So, I have been doing some bike accessory replacing. Including the black bag you see above, attached to the handlebars. In the six years since I last bought bike stuff there have been some changes. For instance, the bike bag now comes with a handy smart phone see-through water-proof pocket at the top. This has proved to be extremely convenient, now able to quickly check the time, or who is calling, or texting.

In today's illustrative photo the bike is on the Bridge of Sikes, at the west end of one of Wichita Falls many urban lakes. Wichita Falls does not actually identify the lakes inside its city limits as being "urban lakes".

The only town I have ever known which calls a lake inside its border an "urban lake" is Fort Worth. And in that case it is an imaginary lake which is really a pond, and even calling it a pond is being generous. It is more a proposed wide spot in a river which may one day actually exist, way in the future.

The Wichita Falls urban lake I rolled around today is Sikes Lake. Sikes Lake is about a quarter mile from my abode. About a mile south of my abode there is another Wichita Falls urban lake. That one is called Lake Wichita.

I had planned on rolling to Lake Wichita today, with a quick run up Mount Wichita, what with being in training for mountain hiking. But, as soon as I got on the Circle Trail I decided I did not want to fight against the wind, in that direction. So, I let the wind push me the other direction, all the way to Hamilton Park, and beyond. Eventually making it to the aforementioned Sikes Lake.

Tomorrow even if the wind is not being windy I won't be biking south to Lake Wichita. Tomorrow I'm heading north...

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