Friday, March 23, 2018

Challenging Qualifications Of Granger Gang Boondogglers

Recently we blogged about Congresswoman Kay Granger's eldest son, J.D., being the worst project manager in history.

Regarding that blogging former Fort Worth City Councilman, Clyde Picht made the following comment about Kay's son...

Landslide has left a new comment on your post "J.D. Granger: Worst Project Manager In The History Of Ever...":

Shortly after the tier 4 law school graduate and assistant district attorney, JD Granger, was hired to mastermind the TRV Central City Project, Rich Conner wrote an editorial in the FW Business Press. Conner challenged the qualifications of Granger and wondering what TRWD's Jim Oliver apparently knew that no one else knew. Well yes, we all knew that JD was connected via mum to the federal treasury. Now we know more about Mr Creativity. He helped create a now defunct water board park, drive-in movie (status unknown), ice rink, and a Tim Love restaurant on the Trinity where JD probably gets a free feed bag.

After I decided to turn Clyde Picht's comment into another blogging I Googled for a Clyde Picht image for illustrative purposes.


Multiple image instances of Clyde Picht showing up on this very blog you are reading right now showed up, including the two images you see here, above and below.

America's Biggest Boondoggle has been boondoggling along for so long one forgets how many times and in how many ways the Boondoggle has been the subject of derision and discussion.

And still J.D. Granger keeps his job, after year after year after year of incompetent boondoggling, getting a big annual raise, along with multiple perks, currently with his annual salary almost $200,000.


I'm not sure, but I think the Clyde Picht when it squeals like a pig it's pork blurb you see above was the illustrative image in Fort Worth's Clyde Picht On America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Is there any chance Fort Worth's voters will do the right thing and boot Kay Granger from Congress? I suspect not. Fort Worth really does not have much experience with doing the right thing...

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