Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fort Worth's Clyde Picht On America's Biggest Boondoggle

Earlier today I blogged a blogging titled The Incredible Alternative Universe Of J.D. Granger & America's Biggest Boondoggle, part of which contained some common sense from Fort Worth's Clyde Picht.

I will copy and paste the Clyde Picht part of the blogging...

And then a paragraph of common sense from Clyde Picht...

Former City Councilman Clyde Picht, who has long questioned aspects of the project and is running for the water district board, said J.D. Granger's appointment is "asking for criticism" and that his knowledge of water district issues is "certainly more limited than most people."

The quote above from Clyde Picht was from nine years ago.

Read what the wise Clyde Picht had to say about the same subject nine years later on his blog, in a blogging titled The Squeal of all Squeals, part of which I will copy below....

Where in this country can you find a pork barrel project that causes squeals all the way to the pig farms in Iowa?

Where can you find a project that was originally estimated to cost $360 million and has ballooned to over $900 million (2009 dollars) and is sure to nearly double that amount?

Where can you find a director for a billion dollar plus water and engineering project that was enlisted from the ranks of the DA's office without so much as a personnel search?

Where can you find a billion dollar plus project that was not funded by bonds and without voter approval?

Where can you find a billion dollar plus project that was started by spending hundreds of millions even though required government money has never been allocated for the federal share?

Where can you find a billion dollar plus project that has no voter input or oversight and that participating governmental entities claim to have no oversight or control?

Well right here in river city - Trinity River city that is. Panther Island, Trinity Uptown, or Central City development - call it what whatever the Trinity River Vision Authority thinks will give it new life and authenticity.

I don't care if some characterize Clyde Picht as a right wing Republican cracker type.

Unlike most right wing Republican cracker types, Clyde Picht often makes a lot of sense and often says stuff that I think should be listened to.

I have met Clyde Picht several times, once whilst manning a booth at the Prairie Fest, once at a protest meeting ordering food and drinks at the Woodshed Smokehouse, and other times, where Clyde Picht seemed so smart, likable, articulate and reasonable, to me, that I assumed he was a progressive, liberal Democrat type, til I was informed otherwise.....

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