Sunday, March 25, 2018

Elsie Hotpepper Caught Shamelessly Taking Forbidden Sikes Lake Selfies

A couple days ago Elsie Hotpepper's appointment secretary made contact to arrange a meeting this weekend whilst the Hotpepper was in Wichita Falls for some Hi Jinks involving a Silver Dollar Saloon and a stage once performed on by Elvis.

After some negotiating it was arranged to meet Elsie Hotpepper at a bench on the Sikes Lake paved trail at the north end of the signature bridge at the west end of the lake.

Elsie Hotpepper agreed to come alone, without her entourage and that she would take no photos, no selfies, no nothing of the take a photo type thing.

The no photo clause was inserted due to previous incidents where Elsie Hotpepper took stealth photos, unbeknownst to those photographed, with those photos then showing up in various venues, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dallas Observer, Fox News, and other such spots.

So, today, whilst on that aforementioned Sikes Lake signature bridge, Elsie Hotpepper whipped out her phone and took a photo before prevention measures could be taken. When chastised for this breech of photo protocol Elsie claimed she was just taking a selife of herself with Sikes Lake in the background.

And then, a few minutes ago the photo Elsie took began to show up on various social media, where it was quickly clear Elsie had surreptitiously taken a forbidden photo, using her sunglassess as reflective mirror.


And people still wonder why there are people who insist you just can not trust Elsie Hotpepper.

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