Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election Fraud

From the Wikipedia article about Electoral fraud....

Electoral fraud or vote rigging is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.

In Texas the government is very concerned about voter fraud, you know, people voting who should not be able to vote.

Even though there is no evidence this type fraud actually exists. But, in Texas some hoops were installed which voters had to jump through in order to vote, such as providing photo I.D.

Court rulings have recently ruled that Texas is in the wrong with this voter I.D. form of voter suppression, and must cease with the practice.


I get annoyed at how backwardly twisted Texas can be at times. As in installing procedures to prevent imaginary voter fraud, whilst doing absolutely nothing about actual election fraud.

Such as.

The last time there was a Tarrant Regional Water District Board election the election fraud seemed to be so obvious that a blind person could have spotted it from the moon.

Jim  Lane and Marty Leonard were re-elected with a record number of votes, a huge number of votes, far in excess of the previous record number of votes, held by Mary Kelleher, as in, something like 10,000 more votes, give or take a vote, or two.

The TRWD board election did not produce a big turnout.

And yet, for some reason there were something like 10,000 absentee ballot requests.


Now, please note the number of record breaking votes which re-elected Leonard and Lane.


It is not easy to get an absentee ballot in Texas, unlike most other states. In my old home state of Washington one could be a perpetual absentee ballot voter. Meaning one could mail in ones vote each election.

So, how is it that this TRWD board election, with its bizarrely skewed results, did not come to the attention of any sort of election oversight board.

Surely, Texas has some sort of election oversight system. Doesn't it?

Does the upcoming General Election include yet one more TRWD board vote? I don't know. I have not made note of any hype about such. But, I no longer get mailed the Tarrant County election mailers.

Is the reason there has been no investigation of what seems to be obvious election fraud in the last TRWD board election due to this being considered a low level type election not worthy of any sort of oversight?

Anyway, I know I've blogged about this perplexing issue previously, but I thought I'd bring the subject up again, what with it being an election year...


Anonymous said...

The face of Fort Worth journalism, Bud Kennedy, has yet to explain the sexist remark he made about Water Board director, Mary Kelleher. Kennedy is the number 1 Fort Worth social media influencer according to a post he retweeted on his Twitter feed.

"Kelleher was the only challenger elected last time and only because she was the only woman on a ballot with 7 men."

Jensational said...

I said this very thing when I saw the results the next morning. No other previous TRWD race EVER had that many votes - EVER!!! It's such a little known race that rarely anyone ever participated in its election, but suddenly, somehow, there were thousands more "voters" that magically appeared. I worked one of the polling locations on election day and 95% of the people I spoke to were coming out to vote for Bickley and Von Luckner. They wanted those other fools GONE! That election stunk for months, it was so bad!

Jennifer Frank

Steve A said...

Having recently voted by absentee ballot in Texas, I can affirm that it is not an easy process to complete compared to its Washington State equivalent. It would be doubly difficult for anyone without Internet access. I actually needed applications in case we were not back in Texas before the general election. The polling place had no applications on hand.