Monday, June 8, 2015

A Noble Look At Probable Election Fraud In The Recent TRWD Board Election

Ever since a week or so ago I have been thinking about a blog comment made on the first blogging on the Mary Kelleher blog.

That comment was made by someone noble......

Noble made a comment on the post "Devastated!"

Here's some thoughts about taking on the TRWD:

--I believe most of you challenging the TRWD come from the conservative Tea Party wing of the Republican party. (Correct me if I am wrong, my apologies.) I think you can and should do a much better job of reaching out to liberals/progressives and minorities to join in the cause. I am a life-long leftist and am just as disgusted by TRWD as you are.

--Mail-in ballots are the Achilles heel of the voter ID controversy. I've often wondered why all those who insist that voters present photo IDs say nothing at all about absentee ballots -- the barriers to voting that have been put in place have no effect whatsoever on mail-in ballots. 

--About the election itself. How does the percentage of mail-in ballots compare historically to other elections in Tarrant County? In Texas you can only vote absentee if you will be out of town, are over 65, or are sick or disabled. Can you track down some of the people who voted absentee to verify their status? Did the ballots come from certain precincts? If there really were 10,000 absentee ballots, you should be able to find out if there were some organized effort to get those voters to participate -- out of 10,000 people, someone will talk. Churches, community centers, shopping malls -- somebody got out there and met with large groups and gave them mail-in ballots. (Before the next election, you can reach out to those same groups and convince them why they should support change at TRWD.) And you don't have to 'prove' it in a court of law; if you can put together enough circumstantial evidence you will win in the court of public opinion.

I look forward to updates about fighting the Fort Worth Way on your blog. Good luck!


I don't know if being associated with the Tea Party in Tarrant County is the kiss of death it is in other locations in America, but that is not the part of the Noble comment that caught my attention.

It was what Noble had to say about absentee ballots which interested me.

In the May 9 TRWD Board Election Leonard and Lane each got over 17,000 votes. In the ;previous TRWD Board Election Mary Kelleher was elected with the most votes in TRWD Board Election history, getting something in the 9,000 vote zone.

How can the fact that there were around 10,000 absentee ballots not raise the red flag of likely Election Fraud?

10,000 voters over 65, disabled, or on vacation allegedly went through the bother of requesting an absentee ballot.

Over half the votes cast were absentee ballots.

The TRWD Board Directors, other than Mary Kelleher, and others in the TRWD hierarchy, like Jim Oliver, had a lot to lose if they lost control of the TRWD Board.

Contractors getting sweetheart, no bid contracts. The opening of the public records which the TRWD has now been stonewalling on for years. The likely firing of J.D. Granger followed by an investigation into America's Biggest Boondoggle. The firing of Jim Oliver, whose heavy handed behavior has been the source of a lot of controversy. The removal from TRWD operations of all beneficiaries of nepotism.

A lot of people had a lot to lose if they lost control of the TRWD.

When a low turnout election has something so out of whack as 10,000 absentee ballots, why does this not trigger some sort of automatic election fraud investigation?

The Wikipedia article about Electoral Fraud covers all the ways the TRWD  Board Election could have been stolen.

No one should be so naive as to believe such a thing could not happen in Tarrant County in Texas....

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