Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spencer Jack Hiking Zion National Park With Mountain Goats

When last we heard from Spencer Jack he was Dangling in Danger over the Grand Canyon South Rim.

Overnight photo documentation arrived documenting Spencer Jack in danger in Zion National Park.

Along with video of the drive into Zion from the east. With mountain goats. Video viewable below.

Text accompanying the photos and video....

FUD -- We spent last night in Page, AZ. The bright sunshine woke up us in the morning and we headed east after looking over Lake Powell.  I amended our itinerary from Moab to Zion late yesterday when I checked the weather forecast for today.   

Today's visit to Zion National Park was one of the most amazing places I have been. Spencer told me out of the blue that he had never been on a hike like what we did today.  It was a beautiful and warm all day. Zion was beyond what one could imagine.  Pictures do not do any justice. We entered from the east and soon greeted by a family of mountain goats. Spent the whole day hiking before exiting to the west.

Wanted to also see Bryce Canyon today, but spent too much time at Zion. We will save that, Moab and the Canyon Lands for another time.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Ended up finding Spencer snow a top of I-75. We are crashing in Richfield, UT tonight.

After I finish sending these pictures to my FUD, Spencer is requiring that I find an open ski resort for tomorrow.  


Well, it sounds as if the boys enjoyed Zion National Park. I can not tell via the photos, or the text, if Spencer Jack actually took the right turn off the main road which leads one up Zion Canyon to as far as one can go due to the canyon turning into The Narrows surrounded by the Temple of Sinawava.

Before we get to the snow and Spencer Jack's video of mountain goats running rampant in Zion National Park let us start today's road trip in Page, Arizona, at the bridge crossing over the Grand Canyon before it becomes totally grand, overlooking Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

I am fairly certain in the below photo Spencer Jack and his dad are now in Zion National Park, having entered the park via its east entrance.

Zion has a way of making everything and everyone look extra tall.

Again I am not certain, but I believe the trail you see Spencer Jack on below is the trail one accesses from the east end of the Zion Tunnel, with that trail leading to an overlook of Zion Canyon.

Yes, the trails in Zion can be a bit treacherous in places,  with steep dropoffs. Spencer Jack looks not to be in too much danger, below, though.

Under an overhang Spencer is helping keep the rock from falling down.

I am not sure about the below photo. Spencer may be at the over look looking into Zion Canyon, but it appears he is inside a cave. I recollect no cave at this location. I do recollect a balancing rock, of sorts.

Methinks this road trip has caused Spencer Jack to develop an affection for Utah redrock, just like his Favorite Great Uncle has had for decades.

In Zion and Grand Canyon Spencer Jack was bundled up like he was very cold. And then he finds some snow on Interstate 75 and plays in it without any apparent winter type outerwear.

And now the aforementioned YouTube video of Spencer Jack driving into Zion National Park and discovering a herd of mountain goats....

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