Monday, November 21, 2016

Nephew Spencer Jack Dangling In Danger Over Grand Canyon South Rim

Earlier today I mentioned I thought I might find myself blog chronicling Spencer Jack's Thanksgiving Week Road Trip.

I also speculated that I expected I would soon be seeing pictures of Spencer Jack at the Grand Canyon.


This evening three more photos arrived via email, including the one you see here with Spencer Jack dangling precariously off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

I am glad to see my Favorite Nephew Jason is continuing my Nephews in Danger tradition.

The text accompanying one of these three photos said....

Arrived safely at a cloud covered canyon. Spencer and I are warming up in the gift shop. There will be no hiking adventure today.

The clouds appear to have lifted a bit by the time Spencer Jack did his cliff dangling.

However, as you see below, previous to the cliff dangling, the Grand Canyon does appear to be a bit cloud shrouded. And cold.

The route from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon took Spencer Jack through Williams, Arizona, along the Mother Road, also known as Route 66.

Last year Spencer Jack and his dad had me thinking they were on a road trip on Route 66 when they sent me pictures that indicated such, but turned out to be a Route 66 related attraction in Disney California.

Those appear to be snowflakes falling on Spencer Jack in front of the Route 66 sign.

The last time I was at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon it was freezing, with snow on the ground, with the trails into the canyon treacherously coated in ice, rendering them not safe. If I remember right this was two days before New Years Day of 1994.

In October of 1994 I found myself at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, staying in a log cabin, when a blizzard struck, dropping a foot of snow overnight, stranding visitors in the park until snow plows could arrive.

That was one fun time, being stranded in a national park lodge.

One can see photos of my various times at the various Grand Canyon rims, in a Grand Canyon National Park blog post I made a few years back.

I do not know what is up next with Spencer Jack's Thanksgiving Week Road Trip. Overnight on the South Rim? Or in Flagstaff? Heading east tomorrow over the Painted Desert, heading to Monument Valley?

I suspect the answer to these probing questions will arrive tomorrow....

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