Friday, November 18, 2016

The Sky At Night Is A Beautiful Sight Nowhere Near The Heart Of Texas

I do not recollect being sick with a cold or the flu this century. My only ailment I can recall was a severe allergy woe a couple Octobers ago, which was one of the worst bouts of miserable I recollect suffering.


For several days now, beginning, I think, last Saturday, I have been wondering what's up with my usual healthy self.

Saturday was the day I remember thinking I was being loopy. Elsie Hotpepper exacerbated this loopiness by suggesting I was sounding as if I was intoxicated on adult beverages. I took serious umbrage to this rude remark.

Several days after the Elsie Hotpepper rudeness, the loopiness evolved into a painful sore throat, which by Thursday afternoon  had evolved into sneezing, with all the symptoms one associates with a cold.

Last night, just as the sun was preparing to set, I drove to Walmart to get myself some cold meds. Upon arrival at the Walmart parking lot I saw the sun was putting on a particularly colorful show as it left for the day. I only had my phone with me, with which to take a photo, the result of which you see above.

The photo did not do justice to what my eyes saw. Which was an eerie glowing blue coming through the clouds. Had not seen such as this in the sky previously.

Regarding Walmart. This morning I discovered something I did not know.

Since being in this town I have opined a time or two as to how odd it is that from my abode I have a Super Walmart a mile to the east. And another Super Walmart 1.5 miles to the northwest, across the street from ALDI.

I have wondered why the Walmarts were not spaced further apart so as to convenience more of the town.

Well, yesterday on the Wichita Falls Rants & Raves Facebook page someone made reference to the Greenbriar Walmart. What is that I wondered. Googled and turned out this is how locals refer to the Walmart located a mile to the east of my abode.

Upon Googling I also quickly saw there is a third Super Walmart in town. Several miles north of my abode's location, near the junction of I-287 and I-44. I have been by that location many times and have not noticed a Walmart, not that I was looking for such. But still, one would think I would have noticed this other Walmart.

The temperature is currently scheduled to get to the point of freezing tonight. This Friday morning the wind is blowing from the north, with the outer world already chilled to 48 degrees. I hope it is salubrious to be cold with a cold....

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