Sunday, November 20, 2016

No Golf On Cold Wichita Falls Sunday Without Pneumonia

I know you're thinking what you are looking at here is me tooling about in my golf cart on the Wichita Falls Weeks Golf Course across the creek from my abode.


If that was what you were thinking you had the tooling about part correct, but not much else.

The golf cart is tooling about on Weeks Golf Course, but I am tooling about on the Circle Trail, in the photo, looking east, across the creek, towards the golf course.

The temperature has plummeted to near freezing the past couple nights. But by the time I exited my abode this morning the sun had done some warming, nearing 50 still chilly degrees.

I am fairly certain I am on the recovery end of a near pneumonia bout. It feels good to be feeling better.  Thank you for all the heartfelt inquiries into the state of my woeful misery.

I am more than just a bit unsettled regarding the fact that the dreaded, by me, holiday season is upon us.

Four days until Thanksgiving. Then it's the fast track til Christmas and a New Year.

Followed by the Apocalypse on January 20, when the world turns upside down and Washington, D.C. becomes even more of a Crazy Town.

Well, time flies, but I don't think it will by flying fast enough for me to get a turkey and thaw it by this coming Thursday. Which means rather than turkey I will likely be having the more traditional lasagna for my Thanksgiving feasting.

With no stuffing.....

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