Sunday, November 13, 2016

Elsie Hotpepper Leads Me To A Bench Muttering To Myself

This Sunday morning I took myself on what I hoped to be a salubrious walk on the Circle Trail which circles by my abode.

A short distance from my abode I came to the scene you see here.

A bench overlooking a collection of pillars rising out of Holliday Creek.

Somehow this scene triggered a traumatic memory of a disturbing nightmare from last night.

Shortly before getting horizontal last night I was disturbed by a disturbing video Elsie Hotpepper put on Facebook.

In that video, for about what seemed a half hour, a guy with a thick British accent screamed vitriol, with about every other word being that infamous word known as the F word.

From what I could make out of what the guy was screaming, apparently he felt that Americans, and, I assume, the rest of the world, would be better off if we learned to communicate politely with those with whom we disagree.

The thinking behind such a sentiment seems sound, even when loudly and vulgarly expressed.

However, in actual practice I have found that trying to reason with those with whom I disagree to be extremely frustrating and fruitless.

Usually because there is some underlying bit of misinformation which is the foundation of the person's erroneous belief.

Like where do you start when someone tells you that the Democrats want to impose Sharia Law and ban beer and make all women wear scarves covering their faces?

What do you say to such?

I try to be reasonable, but the responses go even more sideways and impossible to fathom, let alone reason with.

So, this Elsie Hotpepper caused me a disturbing nightmare where basically every person I transacted with spoke ignorant nonsense based on nothing that I was able to relate to.

Eventually the nightmare ended with me sitting alone on a bench muttering to myself.

This morning I did not see that Elsie Hotpepper video still playing on Facebook. Elsie probably got in trouble with her mother for that excessive F-word thing.....

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