Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 Halloween With Spencer Jack In Mount Vernon

Last night, long after the trick or treaters ceased trick or treating in my time zone, Spencer Jack's dad text messaged photo and text documentation of Spencer Jack's Halloween.

Spencer Jack is loving handing out candy.

He chose this over trick or treating this year, despite having an awesome home made Lego brick costume he wore to his school Halloween function this weekend.

FUD needs to hurry over to get a treat. Supplies are quickly dwindling.

Our neighborhood is currently full of candy seekers.

Well, I did not make it to Mount Vernon in time to trick or treat Spencer Jack.

Below is Spencer Jack in the aforementioned Lego costume, with the almost depleted Halloween candy supply on the table next to Spencer Jack.

I have had only one normal Washington type Halloween since I have been in Texas.

And that one time happened in 2005 when I was in Washington over Halloween. I was staying at my ex-wife's place in Kent. That is a suburb south of Seattle. The next door neighbor had their yard decorated like they'd hired Imagineers from Disney. Sound effects, motion activated ghoulish things.

The constant onslaught of groups of trick or treaters did not abate til after 10, give or take a minute or two.

When I lived in Mount Vernon, in east Mount Vernon, in what is known as the Thunderbird neighborhood, I'd get well over 100 candy beggars. Probably way more than 100. I did not count either the number of beggars or the amount of candy I had ready for them.

My first location in Texas was in a northern suburb of Fort Worth called Haslet. And isolated ranch type place with a long driveway to walk before a candy beggar would reach the front door. I don't recollect any trick or treaters making the trek to that front door.

My next location in Texas was in east Fort Worth, behind a security gate and fence. Zero trick or treaters.

My current location in Texas has no security gate or fence, is in a nice neighborhood, with something quite rare in Fort Worth.


And yet, once again, I got not one knock on the door from any candy beggars. I had a supply of Reese's Peanut Butter bars ready to go, but none went.

I purposely get a candy product which I do not care for, so as to not have any temptation to consume any leftovers.

I have never been much of a candy fan, but I did used to enjoy Halloween, when I lived in Washington. The trick or treating when I was younger, and like Spencer Jack, the handing out the candy when I was no longer young.

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