Monday, October 31, 2016

Taking A Caribbean Walk With Anti-Trump Signs

Taking a long walk today in my Caribbean neighborhood where all the streets have names like Haiti, Barbados, Antigua, Montego, Nassau, well, you get the drift.

So far I have not come upon Cuba Street. This seems a serious omission. Isn't Cuba the biggest island in the Caribbean?

Previously whilst walking Haiti I came upon a "Anyone But Hillary" makeshift sign.

Today whilst walking Antiqua I came upon that which you see above. A "Trump Pence Make America Great Again" sign which appears to have been altered.

Obviously there is no way for a passerby to tell if the sign was altered by a sign vandalizer, or altered by the yard owner to make his or her or their Trump attitude known.

Seems to me to be a bit brazen for someone to trespass on to someone's yard to X out Trump on both sides of a sign.

So, I opt to choose to believe it was the yard owner who turned this Trump sign into an anti-Trump message.

When I got to Haiti I saw that the "Anyone But Hillary" sign no longer exists. Was this sign the victim of a sign thief? Or a sign owner who came to his or her or their senses?

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