Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Creepy Clowns Creeping In Skagit County & Fort Worth

This Creepy Clown thing creeping up across America has been something I've not paid much attention to, figuring it's kids having fun, and not giving any thought to it other than that, that I recollect.

It seems like there have been some mentions of the Creepy Clowns having knives or other attributes making the Creepy Clowns appear to be a bit malevolent.

Then yesterday, via Facebook, I saw, via the Skagit Breaking News Facebook page, that the Creepy Clowns have now invaded Skagit County.

I do not know how the photo of the Skagit County Creepy Clown was obtained. But I must admit that is one creepy looking clown.

Skagit County is not anywhere near recovering from the trauma of having the usually pastoral valley's peace disrupted by the multiple murders at the Cascade Mall in the town I grew up in, Burlington.

And now Creepy Clowns have come to town? That just ain't right.

So, that was yesterday I learned Skagit County has a Creepy Clown infestation, and then this morning, via the often maligned Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I saw that some in Fort Worth are claiming to have seen Creepy Clowns in town.

Apparently those claiming to have seen Fort Worth Creepy Clowns have not managed to photo document such, except for the pair of shoes which illustrated the Star-Telegram front page link to their Creepy Clown story.

Those Star-Telegram Creepy Clown shoes look like Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price's biking shoes, to me.

Is Betsy Price putting on a little extra make up and making like a Creepy Clown to give usual backwater Fort Worth some Creepy Clown cred in the current Creepy Clown frenzy?

I guess time will only tell with the American Creepy Clown mystery coming to some sort of fruition....

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