Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tarrant County May Be Ground Zero For America's Largest Election Fraud Investigation

It has seemed sort of obvious something was not right about an election or two or three in Tarrant County. Vote totals that defy all logic and reason.

What is the end game of this type investigation? I have no idea.

Is there a do over with the races where the election was stolen? I have no idea.

Do the actual winners in those races simply replace the fraudulent winners? I have no idea.

Will criminal charges be brought? With trials, convictions and jail time? I have no idea.

We can only hope....

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Steve A said...

Remember that Texas has restrictive voter ID laws compared to many other states. I did vote absentee in the Colleyville runoff el cation where we threw out all the incumbents. I also found out that the guy who shot up the Burlington Mall in Washington also voted in the last three elections even though he was not a citizen. No word on who he voted for in the Washington Primary. Voter fraud is a BIG problem and this story shows it is not going to be helped simply with voter ID laws.