Monday, October 31, 2016

Arlington Viridian Vision White Sand Beach With Possible Houseboats

I'd forgotten about this til this morning when something reminded me.

Last Wednesday, on my way to missing lunch with Elsie Hotpepper, driving north on Collins Street, heading to the Saigon Cho Market in Arlington's Chinatown, I stopped at River Legacy Park and had a short walk to stretch my legs which were in dire need of stretching.

For a year or two or three, give or take a month or two, I have been impressed by the rapid development of what is known as Viridian.

The Viridian Vision began with infrastructure development around 2007. When the Great Recession hit, the Viridian Vision ground to a halt. That halt continued until sometime around 2012, if I remember correctly. Since then a large number of residences of various sorts have been built, a school has been built, and an elaborate country club has been built, along with other amenities.

Above you are looking at the sandy beach which has been added to what is now known as Lake Viridian.

Back before the Great Recession hit I was talking to a surveyor marking the Viridian property boundary. At that point in time he told me the plan was to turn the lake into a public beach.

I do not know if the plan still is to turn Lake Viridian into an attraction open to the public.

The two photos you see here were taken from the River Legacy Park trail which trails along the southern border of Viridian, meandering along the Trinity River.

I could not tell, for sure, what that was floating on the side opposite from where I was. A dock? Houseboats?

Does Viridian have a Houseboat District?

Wondering if Viridian has a Houseboat District had me pondering as to the contrast between all that has been built by the Viridian Vision, in a relatively short time, whilst Fort Worth's Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision has very little to be show for an effort which has been boondoggling along for most of this century.

America's Biggest Boondoggle recently added to its list of currently unseen attributes. The Boondoggle's imaginary island is now divided into West Island and East Island. And a Houseboat District has been added.

At the present time America's Biggest Boondoggle is stuck trying to figure out how to build three simple bridges over dry land to connect Fort Worth's mainland to that imaginary island. It has been almost two years since construction on those simple bridges began with a big bang. Currently all there is to be seen of those bridges are some wooden V Pier forms sticking out of the ground, growing moss.

I wonder if there are any plans to have Rockin' the Lake Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in Lake Viridian?

It seems like floating on Lake Viridian would be a much more pleasant venue than that which America's Biggest Boondoggle sponsors in the Trinity River, on those occasions when the all clear is given indicating contamination levels are low enough for it to be sort of safe getting wet in that polluted river.

I wonder how it is that Viridian has developed so fast?

I suspect the Viridian Vision did not have to wait for federal funds to be sent its way. That and I suspect no local congressperson's unqualified son has been the executive director of the Viridian Vision.....

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