Thursday, November 10, 2016

Friday Texas Taste Of Africa At Midwestern State University

Last Friday I experienced my first adult spelling bee.

Tomorrow, which is also Friday, I may be having myself a Taste of Africa. Unlike the adult spelling bee this would not be the first time I have had a Taste of Africa.

My final college year, at what is now known as Central Washington University, I took an African history class.

For some reason I remember the course being called African Safari. But, African Safari may have been the name given that course's Taste of Africa.

I don't remember who prepared that African Safari Taste of Africa. Were we each assigned a recipe?

What I do remember is Miss Chris and Linda R. drove over from the west side of the mountains, unexpected, uninvited (by me) to participate in that Taste of Africa. I do not remember how they knew about this, but I do remember they somehow contacted, via letter, the teacher who taught the class.

And he invited them.

Tomorrow's Taste of Africa is not at Central Washington University. Tomorrow's Taste of Africa takes place at Midwestern State University in the Legacy Hall Multipurpose Room. I do not know where on the campus this particular room is located. I do know rooms are easy to find at MSU.

Last Friday my spelling bee co-cheerleader was the librarian at MSU. Naturally she is a good speller. I know where the MSU library is. I suppose I could go ask the librarian where the Legacy Hall Multipurpose Room is located.

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