Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stunning Resemblance Between Mount Rainier & Mount Wichita

Looking at this early morning sunrise view of a body of water and a mountain I might be looking west across Lake Wichita at Mount Wichita.

Or I might be looking at a photo from my old home zone, standing in Bay View State Park, looking south across Padilla Bay, to about 100 miles distant, at a volcano named Mount Rainier.

It really is difficult to ascertain, for certain, which mountain I am looking at,

Wichita or Rainier.

I think I am going to go with Rainier being the mountain in view, with the primary clue being that little mountain to the left of the big mountain.

Mount Wichita stands alone, with no mountains of any size anywhere to be seen for mile and miles and maybe hundreds of miles.

El Capitan, in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, in far West Texas, may be the mountain closest to Mount Wichita.

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Steve A said...

I think you've been away from Washington too long...