Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Incoming Photo Mystery From Spencer Jack's Dad

Last night around 9 my phone made its incoming text message noise.

At the point in time when I heard that noise I was watching the classic silent film "It".

"It" is the movie which made Clara Bow one of America's, and the world's, first superstars.

That and causing Clara Bow to forever be known as the "It Girl".

Clara Bow was also the prototype for the Flappers and the inspiration for Betty Boop.

So, after finishing watching "It" I looked at my phone and saw that my Favorite Nephew Jason had texted me two photos. I could see on the phone the photos were of Jason and his brother with our dear Grandma Vera.

However, when I plugged the phone into the computer in order to retrieve the photos a third photo showed up. A photo which surprised me. That would be the photo you see above of a dapper dark haired guy, looking annoyed, in a trench coat and tie.

Upon closer look I realized the dapper guy in the trench coat was me. And behind me, on the right, is the home I grew up in in Burlington,  Washington.

I do not remember owning a trench coat. The only time I remember showing up at my old home location attired in a tie was in October of 1994 when we gathered there prior to heading north to Lynden for my Grandma Jones (Dutch translation Slotemaker) funeral.

Maybe Jason has the answer to this mystery.

And maybe Jason also has the answer to the mystery of why he sent me the two following photos.

These two photos also appear to be from the 1990s.

In the photo below that would be Spencer Jack's Favorite Uncle Joey standing next to Grandma Vera. Grandma Vera was my mom's mom.

And then we have Jason with Grandma Vera. I can not tell what house Jason and Grandma Vera are in. I do not recognize the refrigerator or the windows. In the picture with Joey I am assuming that photo took place somewhere in Lynden, due to the windmill needlework hanging on the wall.

And what is Jason promoting on that t-shirt?

If I remember right, and sometimes I do, Grandma Vera passed away in fall of 2003.  And if I am still remembering right, the last time I saw Grandma Vera was in summer of 2001, when Joey and I drove up to Bellingham to visit Grandma at her new abode. Grandma was on the 4th floor. I remember when we left, as we got to the parking lot, Joey told me that Grandma would be at the window waving at us. And so she was.

I am feeling wistful. Currently I have three siblings who think it would be a good idea for me to go to Arizona for Christmas.....

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