Monday, November 21, 2016

Spencer Jack's Thanksgiving Week Skiing Roadtrip To Grand Canyon & Utah

Incoming text message and email from Spencer Jack and his dad, both including the photo you see here.

With the text in the text message informing me that Spencer and his dad are beginning their desert road trip from the skyline of New York City.

In other words, Las Vegas.

Apparently the boy are heading east towards the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and then continuing east to Monument Valley and then on to Moab, looking for a place to ski along the way.

I was asked for my skiing possibility input along this route and came up blank for such between Vegas and Moab. Except I think there may be some ski type venue near Flagstaff. I told the boys they could continue on east a slight distance more, to Durango in Colorado, where there are multiple places to slide down a white hill.

However, another bit of info in this text message said the boys had to be in Salt Lake City by Turkey Day, as in Thursday, to fly back to Washington.

That is a lot of road tripping miles between now and then, with plenty of scenic wonders to behold.

In four days.

I suspect I will be being kept updated during the course of Spencer Jack's latest road trip.....

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