Friday, November 11, 2016

Walking My Neighborhood Yellow Brick Road With Lions, Robots, Pirates, Camels & Elves

I had not gone on a long salubrious walk for a few days, so today I decided to follow the yellow brick road to Midwestern State University, also known as MSU, to check out something I've been seeing whilst driving by on Taft Boulevard.

An odd collection of various installations, which on a quick drive by seemed possibly Christmas themed, with some confusing anomalies, like robots and pirate ships and lions.

Upon a walk through inspection it soon became sort of obvious this is a Holiday Season installation.

The WELCOME under giant candy canes was a good clue. As was Santa riding a train.

Not sure where lions fit in as part of a Holiday Season theme. The caged lions seemed tame.

No Happy Holiday location is complete without a robot.

The Jolly Roger pirate ship is a short distance from the robot. I think the lead pirate may be aiming his pistol at the robot.

I think the camel was carrying one of Three Wise Men, visiting a baby in a manger surrounded by sheep.

A Ferris Wheel full of happy Elves is also a must have at a well stocked Happy Holidays theme park.

I do not know how many miles I walked today. I do know the walking took about two hours, with the only non-walking being when I stopped to take pictures.

I wish the pink pumpkin was offering rides so as to return me to my abode without having to walk back.

The MSU Happy Holidays theme park looked to have multiple moving parts and various elements of illumination. I suspect if I drive by this location after the sun goes down all comes to life with a lot of bright lights and noisy merry making.

I must remember to return, after dark, before the Happy Holiday Season leaves for another year...

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