Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Video Documentation Of First Spencer Jack Presidential Election Vote

Spencer Jack's dad called me last night. During the course of that conversation I was informed Spencer Jack was going to be voting in his first presidential election in the morning, and that I would be receiving documentation documenting Spencer Jack voting.

It did not occur to me that this documentation would be in video documentary form which you can view below via YouTube.

The text accompanying the video documentation...

Spencer and I were up before the sun this morning excited to cast our ballot.  We know that to make a democracy work we cannot just be observers.  We voted!

Texas voters, stuck in some point in time in the last century, may be surprised to learn that in Washington there are no polling places. One does ones voting from the comfort of ones home, or wherever one feels comfortable voting. And then you cast your vote by dropping your ballot in an Official Ballot Drop Box.

No Photo I.D. required.

However, in Washington, unlike Texas, there are no absurd electoral fraud issues, such as the vote harvesting currently being investigated in Tarrant County and other Texas counties.

Watch the YouTube video below and see Spencer Jack voting and then drive to deliver the ballot, followed by a real good clue for whom Spencer Jack (and his dad) voted....

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