Monday, November 7, 2016

Day Before Election Texas Stormy In Many Ways

This morning of the day before I hope the 2016 election comes to its merciful end the outer world at my current Texas location is being like a stereotypical winter day in my old home zone of Western Washington.


But, looking out my bedroom window this morning I see something I doubt anyone in Washington sees looking out any of their windows.

The Lone Star Flag of Texas, blowing in the wind under the more well known flag of the United States of America.

This election has taken a toll. During the course of the past year I have learned things I did not know before about so many people.

So much ignorance, bigotry, racism, downright stupid idiocy has been cluelessly, I assume, been laid out bare for anyone to clearly see, by way too many people who, prior to this election causing previously undetected slime to rise from the swamp, I had assumed were not ignorant, bigoted, racist, stupid people.

Tomorrow starting around 6pm I will be having myself an Election Party. I am hoping the party ends early with me going to bed feeling secure that my country has not descended into utter madness.

If the party does not end early I will have a pot of coffee brewed, hoping to be perked up enough to remain vertical until I get the news that I can get horizontal feeling secure my country has not descended into utter madness....

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