Friday, November 4, 2016

Torn Between Wichita Falls Spelling Bee And Moby-Dick Opera

I have tickets tonight to both of Wichita Falls Friday November 4, 2016 Cultural Events.

One of tonight's Wichita Falls Cultural Events is Moby-Dick In The Falls.

The Dallas Opera's production of Moby-Dick is being simulcast live to the Kay Yeager Coliseum in the Wichita Falls Multi-Purpose Events Center, also known as MPEC.

I can not remember the last time I attended a live simulcast of an Opera being performed in Dallas.

Actually, I can not remember if I have ever made it all the way through an Opera to the part where the Fat Lady sings.

While the Opera is singing on the west side of downtown Wichita Falls, on the east side of downtown Wichita Falls the 20th Annual Wichita Falls Literary Council Spelling Bee takes place.

The Spelling Bee is spelling in the Stone Palace on Indiana Street, a short distance east of the Wichita Falls Public Library. The Spelling Bee event begins an hour and a half before the Opera begins to sing.

I have not yet made up my mind as to which of tonight's Wichita Falls Cultural Events to attend.

I am leaning towards the Spelling Bee.

First off it is likely I would better understand what I am watching at a Spelling Bee than an Opera.

Also in the Spelling Bee's favor is the fact I already have my ticket in hand. My Moby-Dick Opera ticket is waiting for me at the Kay Yeager Coliseum will call ticket window.

The Spelling Bee includes a dinner before the spelling begins. And, to help facilitate and lubricate the spellers, and make the spelling more bearable for those of us in the audience, adult libations are available.

I am almost 100% certain no dinner is part of the Moby-Dick opera. And I am fairly certain adult libations will not be available. At least I have seen no mention of such.

I am assuming whichever Wichita Falls Cultural Event I decide to attend tonight I will be able to photo document the event for blogging purposes tomorrow morning.

In the meantime below is a coffee cup with some spelling tips for you Spelling Bee spellers....

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