Thursday, November 24, 2016

Spencer Jack Thanksgiving Eve Salt Lake City Blizzard

Incoming from Spencer Jack and his dad late last night.....

FUD --

I was sure I was done sharing our pre-Thanksgiving Day Utah trip photos with you.

But....Spencer and I were touring downtown SLC this evening after experiencing a day of sunshine and warm weather.  

We were at Barnes & Noble and when we exited thinks turned ugly fast.

Blizzard like conditions.

Saw a semi turned on its side from high winds on the interstate. Windshield wipers were going fast shoveling off snow all the way back to the hotel.
When we returned to the hotel, I asked the desk attendant if this storm was expected. He looked at me and asked, "what storm?" We left the hotel 2 hours prior and it was 55 degrees and sunny. He continued to stare at us like we were crazy.

Nonetheless, Spencer Jack was more than happy. We found a snow sledding worthy hill within walking distance from the hotel, but were absent of the sled. He adapted to 'butt sledding' quickly.

I'm glad I packed the snow suits.

Hoping this storm will pass soon as we both have early afternoon turkey dinner events to attend back in the snow free Skagit Valley, which requires our morning flight to be operating on-time.

Happy early Thanksgiving, FNJ & FNSJ

I don't know if Spencer Jack has had enough wheels on ice experience to render it a safe idea for him to be driving in a Utah blizzard.

Is that a fire burning behind the boys?  Outside their hotel? Outside the Barnes & Noble?

If my memory is serving me correctly, and sometimes it does, downtown Salt Lake City is a bit hilly, sort of built on a slope.

I don't know if that is Spencer Jack or his dad doing the makeshift sledding below.

What I do know is it looks cold.

I wonder what the town I am currently in does for sledding purposes if, or when, snow covers the ground. Do people head to Mount Wichita for some sliding action?

If the Wichita Bluffs Nature Area would ever get completed it might afford some good sliding action.

I'm guessing Spencer Jack by now has driven his dad to the airport and is either in the sky or waiting to be airborne.

I wonder if Spencer Jack's dad remembers when we flew back from Las Vegas back in the late 1990s? Soon upon being in the air I remember pointing to the right and telling Jason and Joey that that was Zion we were looking at.

This was a Southwest Airlines flight. So, naturally there was some goofiness. As in the stewardess informed us that today was our pilot's birthday. And that he was the youngest pilot flying Southwest.

27 years old.

Yikes, I remember thinking. And then as we neared Salt Lake City, where we were doing a touchdown, the pilot informed us that to gain some lost time he was going to execute some sort of extra steep descent. He was informing us of this so as not to worry those who were used to a  more sedate descent.

Ironically, nothing seemed unusual about the descent. And when we got off the plane at Sea-Tac we happy birthday greeted the pilot and thanked him for the smooth landings.....

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