Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trailblazing Fort Worthers Can't Run A Family Farm On The Pot Frontier

I can not remember when last I blogged one of my popular series of bloggings about something I read in a west coast online news source, usually the Seattle Times, which I would not expect to be reading in an online Texas news source, usually the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The de-criminalizing of one of Mother Nature's favorite herbs has reaped big benefits, in multiple ways, in my former home state of Washington, and one of my favorite states, Colorado.

So, other states have followed their lead, with the entire west coast, from California to Alaska, and British Columbia, Canada, now free from the oppression of criminalizing something which should never have been rendered illegal, with the majority of people in progressive states now realizing the actual crime was putting people in cages for something which should never have been a crime.

Some day, way in the future, maybe in the next century, Fort Worth and Texas may have progressed to the point where it is realized criminalizing marijuana is braindead stupid, let alone being so stupid that tomato plants are mistaken for pot plants.

Such as the world wide scandal caused by a SWAT raid terrorizing an Arlington commune community. An act of terror which seems far more criminal than someone growing a plant and smoking, or baking, the result.

Have the Arlington police and its SWAT team been criminally punished, fined and jailed for its incompetent, destructive , terrifying invasion of Arlington's Garden of Eden?


The Garden of Eden is still seeking legal remedies for the crimes committed against them.

None of which would have happened if marijuana was not an illegal herb in Texas....

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