Monday, November 21, 2016

Spencer Jack Selfie Sticking Hoover Dam

I do not know for sure, but it looks like I may be blog chronicling Spencer Jack's Thanksgiving Week Road Trip.

We will see if the photos keep coming whilst the boys drive deeper into the desert and further from civilization.

Whilst I was walking around Sikes Lake today the two photos you see here arrived on my phone.

I saw the first photo and wondered who took the picture. I could tell Spencer Jack had driven his dad to Hoover Dam, because I saw the Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge behind them.

The second photo solved the mystery regarding who took the picture.

I do not know how a selfie stick works. I have trouble enough taking one of those annoying selfie things just holding the phone in my hand, let alone at the end of a stick.

Seeing Spencer Jack and his dad at Hoover Dam had me feeling all dizzy at the rapid passing of time.

Way back in August of 1999, the summer before I moved to Texas, my Favorite Nephews, Jason and Joey, flew me to Las Vegas for four fun days of, well, semi-adult fun. Including driving out to Hoover Dam, where eventually we went swimming in Lake Mead.

During those four days in Vegas we had multiple mishaps, including being stuck on top of the Stratosphere Tower for hours due to a power outage. Which turned out to be sort of fun, until the lack of air conditioning had the over 100 degree outside temperature heating up the inside.

Long ago, before the era of blogs, I webpaged that trip to Vegas with Spencer Jack's dad and Favorite Uncle, Joey.

In my memory that does not seem all that long ago, flying to Vegas with my nephews. So much has happened in the years since then. Including Spencer Jack.

I suspect next I will be seeing photos of the Grand Canyon....

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