Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Curious Case Of Elsie Hotpepper's Oregon Rock Stalker

A couple years ago lifelong Texan, Elsie Hotpepper, ventured to the west coast state of Oregon.

I do not know if this trip to the west coast was Elsie's first visit to 21st century America, or just the latest of many trips to one of the non-Texas, modern, regions of America.

What I do know is Elsie Hotpepper checked into a Portland hotel. And in her room she saw a big piece of artwork hanging on a wall.

A day or two or three later Elsie Hotpepper ventured to the Pacific Ocean, to the fabled Oregon Coast.

Eventually Elsie came to the town known as Cannon Beach.

At Cannon Beach Elsie Hotpepper saw that which had inspired the piece of artwork she found hanging on her hotel room wall.

Haystack Rock.

Sort of an iconic symbol of the Oregon coast.

And then that Oregon rock began to stalk Elsie Hotpepper.

Haystack Rock followed Elsie to Portland International on her flight out, with a large piece of Haystack Rock artwork hanging overhead as Elsie made her way through security.

On her way back to Texas, Elsie way laid  to visit a friend in Colorado. Entering that friend's Colorado abode Elsie Hotpepper was startled to see a big picture of Haystack Rock hanging on her friend's wall.

I can't remember all the details, but when Elsie Hotpepper finally made her way back to the D/FW zone she soon found herself stalked by multiple iterations of Haystack Rock. If I remember right, one Haystack Rock iteration was in Elsie's mom's bathroom.

And now, today, I suddenly realized Elsie Hotpepper's stalking rock is stalking me.


My computer cycles various background images, to which I pay little attention. Today nothing was blocking the view on my secondary screen, with me realizing I was looking at Elsie Hotpepper's stalking rock.

That is a screen cap of such above.

And now, just as I typed "screen  cap of such above" Elsie Hotpepper's stalker rock cycled in to view again....


scott barry said...

wasn't me, cuz. honest..

Zelda del West said...

You realize, of course, that it's been going on for some time. You've only just noticed. Such is the insidious subtlety of giant rocks.