Monday, July 4, 2016

Trinity River E. Coli Levels Too High Near Imaginary Island

Why would any sane city have regularly scheduled events in water which requires regular testing to determine if the water is safe enough to get wet in?

The fact that Fort Worth has regularly scheduled floating beer parties in the Trinity River is just one among many reasons why I came to refer to this town as Sick City, after years of observing this Sick City up close.

And why do the people of Fort Worth go along with the ridiculous Panther Island labeling? There is no island. There never will be an island, not by any rational definition of that which constitutes an island.

Mislabeling is a Fort Worth forte. Sundance Square comes to mind. Where for decades the few tourists who toured downtown Fort Worth found themselves perplexed by signs pointing to Sundance Square, where there was no square.

If the City of Fort Worth is so determined to have a water venue for its people to float in that the town is willing to use a polluted river to do so, how about a civic effort to make an actual clean water venue for such events?

For instance, the pond which America's Biggest Boondoggle dug for the defunct Cowtown Wakepark. Could not such a pond be built with a filtering system keeping the water fit for humans to float in?

And is it not an indicator that Fort Worth is sadly lacking in outdoor activity opportunities if so many of the Sick City's citizens eagerly go floating with feces?

And another thing with this testing of the Trinity. Does it not seem logical that the level of e. coli ebbs up and down? As in a plume of extra polluted water flows on by, then a few minutes later a test sample gets taken, followed a few minutes later by another plume of extra polluted water?

Why would anyone in their right mind trust that the Trinity River is ever safe and free of pathogens?

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