Friday, July 1, 2016

No Billionaire Helps Fort Worth's Homeless

This blogging is the latest in our popular series of bloggings about news we read in west coast online news sources, usually the Seattle Times, which we would not expect to be reading in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about similar type news in the Fort Worth area.

The Seattle area has a lot of billionaires, with Microsoft billionaire, Paul Allen, being a civic minded, philanthropic sort of billionaire.

Paul Allen has done all sorts of good things for Seattle and Washington, while never sticking his name on his various good deeds.

In other words, in Seattle, you won't find the Paul Allen Seahawk Stadium, Paul Allen EMP, Paul Allen Cinerama, well you get the drift.

Meanwhile in Fort Worth you will find the Bass name slapped on all sorts of things, like performance halls and cowgirl museums.

I am not aware of the billionaire Bass family doing what one might characterize as "good works" of the help the homeless sort.

Fort Worth has a homeless people district a short distance to the east of its downtown. The Fort Worth homeless district is primarily on Lancaster Avenue. Driving through this area is disturbing.

Near as I can tell the Fort Worth city government does little to help alleviate the homeless problem, no matter how outrageous the cause of such might be. If anything, from what I have seen, and been told, the Fort Worth city government exacerbates the homeless people problem.

Such as when the city and its mayor, Betsy Price, blithely looked away when a Dallas developer hit hundreds of Fort Worth residents with 30 day eviction notices. Likely an illegal action, which would have been dealt with appropriately in non-corrupted, modern, democratic towns in America.

But, in Fort Worth, such evictions are just business as usual.

Landlords, as in apartment complex owners, know that there is no governing entity looking out for tenant's rights. Owners know they can break the law, ignore Texas property code, violate TCEQ regulations, with impunity, creating, basically, a lawless environment where a property owner can wreak havoc with a tenant's life, with the tenant having no recourse.

As we recently mentioned we blogged about this in Betsy Price's Tarnished Golden Rule of Pseudo Compassionate Service and Fort Worth Shrugs Its Shoulders While Hundreds Of Citizens Are Given 30 Day Eviction Notices and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price Has No Comment About 30 Day Evictions Of 100s In Her Town.

A tenant in a Fort Worth apartment may find they are the victim of criminal violations by a landlord. That tenant may try to fight the wrongdoing, only to find themselves being served with an eviction notice. Thinking a court will recognize the law and the property owner's criminal violation of the law, the tenant soon discovers that the justice system, in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, is in cahoots with the property owners.

How many of Fort Worth's homeless people are victims of the Tarrant County Kangaroo Court, run by an elected justice of the peace? A right wing tea bagger type, supporter of Ted Cruz. With no formal legal training. And an ex-cop.

Does all that not sound like a recipe for multiple miscarriages of justice?

A tenant can appear before this corrupt Kangaroo Court, armed with evidence of the property owner's wrongdoing. The justice of the peace, acting like a make believe judge, won't even look at the presented evidence, then rules in favor of the property owner, then informs the victim, I mean, tenant, that they can appeal this ruling by posting a couple thousand dollar bond with the court, and then ones case can be heard in front of a jury, and one can hope, a real judge.

That Fort Worth and Tarrant County have such a corrupt judicial entity ruling on something as serious as evictions could, it would seem, explain why Fort Worth's homeless problem is as bad as it is.

Methinks some sort of external investigation of Fort Worth needs to take place.

FBI? I have no idea.

What I do know, from the sad tales I have been told, there is a judicial authority in Tarrant County who should not be in the position of making any sort of legal ruling about anything.

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