Friday, October 17, 2014

Fort Worth Shrugs Its Shoulders While Hundreds Of Citizens Are Given 30 Day Eviction Notices

I learned of the plight of Susan Bethke sometime last month. What I learned disgusted and appalled me, but I did not feel like I could blog about it.

Til now.

This week's Fort Worth Weekly tells much of what disgusted and appalled me, in their article titled Get Out.

Short version. The Parkview Village residents of 133 Fort Worth duplex apartment units, plus three homes, including Susan Bethke's, got eviction notices giving those evicted 30 days to vacate the premises.

I know, you in democratic, fair-minded, Christian parts of America are sitting there wondering how can such a thing happen, wondering maybe this is yet one more case of Texas eminent domain abuse.

Well, it is worse than eminent domain abuse.

It is unscrupulous, amoral, sleazy, inhuman real estate developer abuse by a chronically abusing Dallas based real estate investment group calling itself Cienda Partners.

The location of the evictions is known as the Scenic Bluff area, northeast  of downtown Fort Worth.

The developer wants to turn this property into townhouses and restaurants. The City of Fort Worth's developer friendly, citizen protection un-friendly government has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the evictees for help.

Why the rush to evict I am sure you are wondering? Why not give these people a decent time frame in which to move? Help with expenses and finding a place to re-locate? When the same Cienda Snidely Whiplashers tried the same tactic in Dallas a citizen protest erupted that eventually had Snidely Whiplash giving those evictees six months to move, plus two thousand dollars.

Unlike people in Dallas, people in Fort Worth are not big on protesting, or fighting against a wrong, or fighting for justice, or fighting against the good ol' boy and girl network that runs Fort Worth in what is known locally as the Fort Worth Way.

As in business UBER ALLES, the people be damned.

The Fort Worth Weekly article does not make too much of a point of the fact that this sorry episode is yet one more wondrous thing brought about by the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

The Scenic Bluff area borders the area of the Boondoggle. The Cienda real estate sharks are clearly betting that this property is going to experience a big jump in value.

However, Cienda must not have investigated too deeply into the Boondoggle's Vision or they would have learned that the massive public works project, which the public has never voted for, is stalled.

The Boondoggle is currently stuck taking four years to build three simple bridges. Bridges being built over where the Boondoggle thinks it is going to build an un-needed flood diversion channel.

So, you are looking at a four year minimum before that channel construction can begin. How many years after that before the Boondoggle's Vision becomes anything anyone wants to see? A decade? Two decades?

Meanwhile these Cienda townhouses will be looking out at a vast construction area, maybe, if the Boondoggle ever comes up with the money to bring their Boondoggly Vision to fruition.

So, while the Scenic Bluff evictees move on with their lives, they may have the last laugh, when Cienda realizes they've made a big boo boo....


Mary Kellogg said...

That is what you get when you rent. No security. She could rent a condo in Boca...lots there for low rent. Or buy one for $32700. Nice looking unit. How is the crime there? Will be in market for house/condo if there isn' t a walking dead senario by January 2016.

Anonymous said...

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price has no comment:

Durango said...

Boca Raton? As in my location, MK? I don't think crime is bad at this location. It ain't anything like Tacoma's infamous Hilltop zone was back when it was dangerous.

Steve A said...

One wonders about the Cienda rush, when things will not happen for AT LEAST three, and probably more like five years...

MLK said...

Told the husband the condo would be a great buy if it came with a shotgun. Looking to rent at Hillside near downtown, lived there before and loved it. But not paying rent by paying cash for condo is enticing...