Monday, July 4, 2016

Wichita Falls 4th Of July Parade With Uncle Sam

I have long opined that Texas towns do parades much better than my old home zone of Washington's Skagit Valley.

Fort Worth's Stock Show Parade is excellent. Granbury's 4th of July Parade is also excellent. So is Arlington's 4th of July Parade. And the Ennis Polka Festival Parade is another good one.

Texas towns are able to get their high schools to participate, with marching bands and cheerleaders. And the football team.

Today I attended the Wichita Falls 4th of July Parade. It was different than any other Texas town's parade I have attended. No marching bands, no local school participation.

Yet, the Wichita Falls 4th of July Parade, while short, was highly entertaining and amusing, with more kid participation than I have seen in other Texas parades. Such as the young Uncle Sam you see above.

And the shirtless kid cops you see below.

I have never seen so much candy thrown to so many kids as what I witnessed today. And it wasn't little measly pieces of candy. I saw Tootsie Rolls getting thrown. I have never seen Tootsie Rolls getting thrown to eager kids at a parade, til today. The kids came prepared, like it was Halloween, with bags to stick their candy haul in.

The kid floats were human powered, for the most part, with what appeared to be moms and dads doing the horse work.

There was plenty of adult participation in the Wichita Falls 4th of July Parade, such as what you see below.

The above "float" appeared to be a bunch of bums sitting at a picnic table which had been installed on some sort of motorized device. The 4th of July connection was not accessible to my feeble imagination.

What with it being the 4th of July one would think the American flag would be prominently displayed.

Above the Texas Lone Star flag blocks one from seeing the flag we later pledged allegiance to at the Kell House 4th of July Ceremony.

The Wichita Falls 4th of July Parade had a lot of motorbikes, such as you see above, and dozens of old cars, some of the Model T type vintage. Several of the old cars had rumble seats. Multiple parade watchers within my hearing distance seemed fascinated by the rumble seats. This had me wondering why these type seats were named rumble.

Sheppard Air Force Base was well represented.

The patriotic little girl you see on the right clapped the entire time the military personnel marched by.

The Wichita Falls 4th of July Parade ends at Kell House where a 4th of July Celebration Party takes place. You can watch video of a little of that celebrating below the below picture of the aforementioned Kell House.

At Kell House all the Air Force personnel who marched in the parade stood at attention. You can see some of them above, behind the cowboy on his mule, holding the flags of the various nations who have Air Force personnel being trained at Sheppard Air Force Base.

The video below gives you a little dose of a Wichita Falls 4th of July, at Kell House....

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