Friday, December 11, 2015

Betsy Price's Tarnished Golden Rule of Pseudo Compassionate Service

Compassionate Fort Worth.

Sounds like a good idea.

I often see a thing or two, or hear of a thing or two, in Fort Worth, which I think could use a little compassion.

Fort Worth's Mayor, Betsy Price, is spearheading a program or event or public relations operation called Compassionate Fort Worth, asking that people who are part of a compassionate Fort Worth organization to participate so as to gain more attention for their project.

My instant reaction upon learning of Betsy's Compassionate Fort Worth operation was to think here we go, once more down the Rabbit Hole, where Up is Down, Right is Wrong, Stupid is Smart and Heartless is Compassionate.

I am not suggesting there are no compassionate people or groups in Fort Worth, because there are plenty of such.

What I am about to suggest is that it is a bit hypocritical for Betsy Price and her city government to be part of an operation called Compassionate Fort Worth. Because the City of Fort Worth, under Betsy Price's reign has not been compassionate in more than one instance where a compassionate person would have exhibited compassion.

Included in the document announcing this Compassion Initiative is a letter from Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price. You can read the entire letter below, but, before you get to that, take a gander at the first paragraph of this letter from Fort Worth's mayor......

Last year, the Fort Worth City Council signed the International Charter for Compassion, designating Fort Worth as a "Compassionate City". I believe that actions motivated by the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", will help us become an even greater and compassionate city.

Betsy Price practices the Golden Rule?

Last year I wrote a couple blog posts about how well Betsy Price adheres to the Golden Rule.

Fort Worth Shrugs Its Shoulders While Hundreds Of Citizens Are Given 30 Day Eviction Notices

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price Has No Comment About 30 Day Evictions Of 100s In Her Town

Now, if I was a town's mayor and some out of town developer came to town and coldheartedly issued eviction notices in a manner which violated decency, and maybe the law, well, I would have directed that something be done to help those people. Betsy did nothing.

In Fort Worth there is a wall that is slowly coming down, making a lot of Fort Worth citizens nervous. Plea after plea to the city, and to Betsy Price, for help, has resulted in no help, nothing, absolutely no doing unto those people the way you would want yourself to be treated in a similar situation.

I have blogged about the Pulte Wall of Shame multiple times, including a recent blogging pointing out Betsy Price's neglect of this issue in Why Is Fort Worth's Best Public Servant Ignoring The Pulte Wall Of Shame?

Compassionate Fort Worth.

A week does not go by where I do not see a mom struggling to push a stroller along side a Fort Worth street, with that street lacking a sidewalk. Want to initiate something meaningful and compassionate, Betsy Price, how about advocating for a sidewalk building program for Fort Worth?

A mom and dad take their kids on a picnic to a Fort Worth park. Mom looks for running water to wash her kid's hands. Dad looks for a restroom to which to take Junior. Neither are to be found in most Fort Worth parks. That is right, in the city which is the envy of the nation the majority of the town's park have no running water, along with outhouses serving as restrooms.

What is the City of Fort Worth's Compassionate Program to help all the panhandlers and homeless people? Day after day I see panhandlers at various intersections. Just yesterday it was a mom with two girls, near the Jack in the Box at 820 and John T. White Road. Mom's sign said "Please help. I need a job." She was not begging for money. She was begging for a job.

I'm sure this Compassionate City thing makes Betsy Price and fellow sorts feel real good about themselves. But, how about doing something actually meaningful that addresses something real?

Below is the aforementioned letter from Betsy Price and below that the reasons why you should participate in the Mayor's Week of Compassionate Service....

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